Purrmeter iPhone Application by Whiskas

Purrmeter – Measure your cat’s contentment

Purring is a vocalization made by some felines. Produced when exhaling and inhaling, this low frequency sound is first heard when a kitten is only two days old. Purring emits low frequencies between 20 and 50 hertz.

According to some specialists in animal health, purring is a therapeutic behavior in cats that can periodically reduce stress, insomnia, and anxiety.

Size: 20 Mo
Category: Entertainment
Languages: English, French

iphone application whiskas purring cats



Watch this video presentation of the Purrmeter:


Have fun measuring your cat’s purr and find out just how happy your cat is at home. 

The more your cat purrs loudly, the more purr-points you can get and the higher ranking you can achieve.

iphone application whiskas purring cats


  • A simple push of a button and you can measure your cat with the Purrmeter.
  • Purr-points will show you your cat’s degree of contentment.
  • Share the results with all your friends.

Be among the first to download the app and increase your chances to win lots of prizes and promotions from Whiskas®.

iphone application whiskas purring cats


  • Earn purr-points every month and move up in the rankings.
  • Win prizes and get special offers on Whiskas® products.

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Meet Gala, our mascot, a true Purrmeter fanatic!

iphone application whiskas purring cats