Nursery rhymes and kids’ songs iPhone Application

With the nursery rhymes application, you will find an exhaustive list of nursery rhymes, kids’ songs, traditional songs, sometimes very old rhymes, balads, and rounds that are part of our cultural heritage.

You’ll find the lyrics to 1900 songs organized by category
You can record your own song so your friends and family can listen to it.
You can share the lyrics with friends and family.
You can read comments and add comments too.
You can bookmark you favorite songs

With captivating rhythms, rich and varied vocabulary, and comical situations, these songs tell the stories of olden times in their own way, and they bring to life the poetry and wonder of a classic childhood collection.

All of these nursery rhymes, kids’ songs, old time and classic favorites, hand games and count-out games will get kids of all ages laughing and dancing.
You will also discover nursery rhymes from other countries.
We offer tales and traditional stories that are sure to keep children entertained.

Every month, new tunes are added.
Do you know of a tune for kids that is missing from the application or do you have a suggestion? Don’t hesitate to write to us.

If you enjoy this application, tell your friends and family about it.

Category: Education
Size: 3.6 Mo
Language: French
Version: 1.0 (Tested for the iOS 4.0)

Nursery rhymes and kids' songs iPhone Application

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