iPhone Application Home Bubble Manage your shopping lists

Manage your shopping lists with HomeBubble: manage your shopping list and share it with others

With Manage Your Shopping, groups can do the shopping and check the errands off one by one, so everybody can check in on progress, add or delete purchases, create lists, etc.
Very practical for daily shopping errands for couples, or weekend shopping trips for friends or family, or even for roommates!

– Create your shopping lists easily. You can also add items to be purchased.
– You can enter the name, number to buy, size (by kilo, liter, etc.), add a note or a photo, or organize items by category
– You can delete a product by sliding your finger over the product from left to right
– When adding a product, you can organize it into a category. By pushing on a category button, you can select an existing category or add another if you wish
– You can display all the products in an alphabetical list or by category, by pressing on the Product or Category buttons. You can also check them off one by one as you buy them. They will be automatically classified into a « Selected Products » category. If you want to uncheck them, they will reappear on the list.
– You can send a list by email by clicking on the button « send a list ».

– You can share lists with other people in the Share menu. You can access lists together, and each user can modify them or delete them.
Choose the list to share, add contacts, then save.
The list will appear as a shared list. Each contact can add, modify, or delete products. Modifications on the list are made in real time depending on network coverage. If several people change the list at the same time, it may be that some modifications may not be accounted for. You can delete the list shared and it will be completely deleted for all users.
You can also decide to delete it for all users, but to keep a copy for yourself that will no longer be shared.

Category: Utilities
Size: 2.3 Mo
Languages: French, English
Current version: 1.1 (Tested for iOS 4.0)

Manage your shopping lists with HomeBubble