iPhone application for Dual ID Photo: your color and black & white ID photos

Dual ID Photo will help you make professional ID photos, passport photos, or visa photos, in just a few clicks with the new photos you take with your iPhone or with old photos you have already saved.

Automatic delay timer
Color or black & white photos
ID photos in various formats (sizes) for different country requirements
Border cropping

Follow these simple instructions:

* Launch the application.
* Choose « Settings » and then select the automatic mode, then slide the timing scroll bar to set the timer so you can take a photo with the built in delay timer feature.
* Choose « new photo » in the menu and hold the iPhone camera in front of you at arm’s length.
* No need to select an ideal camera angle. Aim and wait for the picture to be taken.
* Scroll and slide to resize the photo or reposition the frame for the perfect photo.
* To view how your ID photos turned out, simply choose « see results ».
* Save your photos in the application’s library and in your photo album, or push on « Go Back » to resize or reposition the image.
* Send the pictures by email to print them of to share them with a friend.

Category: Photography
Version : 1.3 (Tested for the iOS 4.0)
Language: French, English
Size: 2.1 Mo

Dual ID Photo lets you take ID photos in color or in black & white

capture dual id photo 1 iPhone application
capture dual id photo 2 iPhone application

capture dual id photo 4 iPhone application
capture dual id photo 4 iPhone application