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The specialist in preparing for the accounting training program:

BTS – DCG – DSCG work-based study program for more than 20 years

The ESCG was created in 1987 and for more than 20 years, it has been training exclusively for accounting degree programs.
Today, the ESCG is renowned for its specialization in this area.

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BTS CGO: the BTS CGO is a highly sought-after diploma. A BTS CGO will allow you to quickly enter into active employment.
DCG: the DCG is a generalist diploma that is highly sought-after. Individuals with the DCG may also pursue studies toward the DSCG.
DSCG: the DSCG is one of the 10 most highly rated diplomas on the job market. Holders of the DSCG are Intern Accounting Experts and can move on to the DEC.

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