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Need to develop mobile applications?

The iPhone and Android are undeniably major players in the mobile revolution, so they are platforms that can simply not be ignored.

We have developed applications for clients in a variety of areas: we can produce and publish your applications on the Apple and Android platforms.

We have quickly become specialists in iPhone and iPad development, and we’re also Android, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile specialists.

Technical expertise in development for the iPhone, iPad, and Android

We possess a variety of resources to develop your projects: PHP, Objective-C, Java, Ajax, PHP, MySQL,…
Our team of developers has perfect mastery of all these languages and can offer you quality code.

Marketing expertise in iPhone, iPad, and Android development

We will advise you on « market » opportunities to create an application with mass market appeal or a professional application for internal use.
As part of your global marketing strategy, our staff will identify the mobile services that you can offer your clients and the benefits you’ll be able to derive from them.

Our iPhone, iPad, and Android applications earn rave reviews.

It is urgent to take this into account and develop presence and client relations through this channel.
Today in France and throughout the world there is more access from mobile devices than web connections.
Mobile devices represent a whole new media with its own uses, and it impacts almost the entire population.

We joined the iPhone development industry as part of the APPLE « iPhone Developer Program » since October 2008 and the Android industry since early 2010.

DUAL MEDIA© can develop any type of service destined for the iPhone and Android. We can oversee your projects from A to Z, all the way to their publication on the AppStore and the Android Market.

Many references from prestigious clients, major retailers, ready-to-wear, major brands, festivals, photographers, production companies, etc.

We develop iPhone, iPad, and Android applications that respond specifically to your needs!

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with the contact us form